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Applications of Silicone Rubber Products

Applications of Silicone Rubber Products
Issue Time:2012-05-18

Some of the most useful properties of silicone rubber include flexibility, excellent electrical insulation, thermal stability (consistency of properties over a wide operating range of -100 to 250℃), excellent resistance to different weather condition, anti-aging and exceptional electrical properties. In addition to these properties above, silicone rubber has been widely applied in various fields such as food manufacture, medical application, home construction and maintenance, electronic devices and other industries such as transportation, lithification, construction, telecommunication and high –tech field such as aviation and aerospace industry.

RICHONE uses the materials which is imported from ShinEtsu (Japan), Dow Corning (USA), and Bayer (Germany) to manufacture our silicone rubber products. In order to fulfill various demands of our customers, the raw materials are often mixed with other compound materials to improve its properties such as acidity and alkalinity resistance as well as mechanical strength, chemical and oil resistance, anti-melting and steam tolerance. Moreover it is used to increase its thermal and voltaic tolerance, as well as to enhance the tolerance of wearing, low temperature and ozone resistance.

Daily Appliances
AppliancesThe non-toxic, tasteless, temperature endurance characteristics of silicone rubber have been largely applied in our daily lives. For example, the inlet pipes of automatic drinking water dispenser, seal rings/gaskets, goggles, pacifiers, steam pipes, silicone cloth/oven mitts, modern kitchen facilities, toys, sports equipment and all sorts of household electric appliances components.

Industrial Application

Silicone rubber has excellent electrical properties in heat sink,
insulation, wearing resistance, anti-aging, high/low temperature
endurance, flame retardant, cushion resistance, etc. It is widely used
in many appliances in the field of industrial application. For instance,
silicone rubber heat sink sheet/pad, silicone rubber heat sink tube,
heat conductive soft pad, insulating cap, O-ring, water-proof strip,
packing, fire-proof sleeves, grease seal, shock absorbent and wire
covering materials, etc.

Silicone rubber has excellent characteristics in insulation, fatigue strength, and hot or cold weather resistance. Hence, it is rapidly developed in the industry of telecommunication, especially in the production of keypads and contact mats. In the early stage, the keypads were the combination of plastic material and metal dome plates. The result of such design had many shortcomings (such as extra press force required uncomfortable sense of touch) and was inconvenient to use, not to mention its short life-span. Later the keyboards had improved from manual to automatic. Although is it more convenient to use, the design and production were too complicated and expensive. Eventually, silicone rubber keypads have overcame most difficulties and solved the major problem of prime cost and life-span. It was produce in such structure of placing the silicone rubber conductive keypad on top of the PC board, and then the message will pass through the bottom part of rubber carbon pills when it is in contact with the PC board. As a result, it has become an indispensable component of telecommunication industry nowadays.

Medical Industry

Due to the characteristics of good ventilation and moisture penetration
of silicone rubber, plus the advantage of it is harmless to human body
which will not cause any allergic reaction or repulsion, it is often
used as the replacement of internal organs or tissues, i.e., artificial
joints, meninges and heart valve, etc. It is also applied in cosmetic
surgeries and restoration, for instance, the mending of forehead, nose,
mandible, neck, external ear default, skull and internal organs, even
breast implants. Moreover, silicone rubber is widely used in medical
instrument and accessories. For example, the products include: pumps,
bellows, soft-tissue dilator, shunt device, blood transfusion tube,
delivery tube, gastro-scope tube, peritoneum dialysis tube, endotracheal
tube, etc.
Automobile Industry

For silicone rubber has much strength as
thermal stability, good flexibility, and maturing resistance, it is
applied in many important production of rubber sealing. The development
of automotive field has pushed forward the growth of silicone rubber
consumption; hence, accessories and components of silicone rubber
currently used in automotive manufacturing all meet up the strict
operating requirements.


The high viscosity of silicone structural sealant
and high weathering quality soft sealant are the two most widely used
silicone sealant groups. The first one belongs to medium level modulus
sealant products. Mainly used to cohering the giant glass walls
structure of modern construction works; whereas the latter sealant
belong to the mid-low modulus level product groups and is primarily used
and reliability of silicone rubber is widely acknowledged in the
construction industry. The two types of silicone sealant are belonging
to neutral vulcanization system, thus it performs anti-corrosion
function to the building material. Also it performs high resistance to
the corrosion of rain, snow, ozone and ultraviolet rays.

Following the better understanding and further study of the silicone
rubber technology, its application remains expanding nowadays. It has
become extremely influential and essential in our daily lives and
continues to bring us advantages as well as convenience.

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