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CT-SHWL-95W-LO:15000LM-T108W-12V-BAX170°*Y60° -4H

CT-SHWL-95W-LO:15000LM-T108W-12V-BAX170°*Y60° -4H

CT-SHWL-95W-LO:15000LM-T108W-12V-BAX170°*Y60° -4H
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Update Time2018-04-24
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Model: CT-SHWL-95W-LO:15000LM-T108W-12V-BAX170°*Y60°-4H

1.The followin is based on daily effectitve insolation period 4 hours.
2.In the following form,the uasage of solar panel, battery, controller and lamp pole are undefined .
3.Please let us know your extact installing location,daily working hours and how many days for battery to back up, then we will check the sunshine intensity and wind speed there in order to compose the right configuration for you and make the quotation accordingly.
4.How many watt of solar panel & wind turbine and how big is the capacity of battery are mainly depend on the following:
a.the sunshine intensity at the installing location.
b.the wind speed at the installing location.
c.How many watt of the whole led street light.
d.How many daily light on hours you need for the led street light to be on each night.
E.How many days you need battery to back up for continuous cloudy or rainy days with little sunshine.

Reference photo
Light distribution diagram
LED lamp
Solar panel
Wind turbine
Lamp pole
Bracket for solar panel
Under ground frame
Water proof battery box


1. Twice total light output:
The most important point of our super bright low led street light is not watt but the total light output which is as twice as much of high power led street light when the watt are the same. Ours can be145 ~160luminous/watt however others can only be up to 80 luminous/watt. if you plan to buy 200W of high power led street light, then 95W of ours is enough for your need. please never use the same watt of high power led street light to compare the price with our low power led street lights. Please use 200W of high power led street light with our 95W,then you will find we are the lowest. So We are the most cost effective.
2. Return On Investment is half time shorter:
Comparing with high power led street lights, our low power led street is much less energy consumption.so if your application is powered by solar or solar-wind energy,you need half solar panel, half battery, half power of wind turbine And controller, which largely reduce the total cost and greatly enable you much more competitive, as the total price of all company is based on the usage of every components. So the return on investment is half time shorter than your choosing high power led street light.
3. Much less heat generation:
So the performance is much stable and much less lighting decay, which will surely prolong the life span.
4. Large beam angle (X170o*Y60o):
So this enlarge the lighting zone, which can make the installing distance longer or shorten the height of lamp pole.
5. Inclination adjustable:
We design a special elbow which enable you to adjust the inclination by every 5o


1) Light Source: Particular & Ultra bright 1800 LEDs
2) Total light output: 15000lm
3) Average Illuminance:20lux/16m;35lux/12m; 42lux/10m
4) LED energy consumption: 95W
5) Total energy consumption: 108W
6) Rated Voltage: 12VDC
7) Power factor > 0.91
8) Light Color: Warm White(3000~3500K), Pure White(6500+/-300K) or Cool White(>9000K)
9) Lifetime: 50,000+ hours
10) Protection Rating: IP65
11) Size: 735 × 220 × 396 mm
12) Net weight: 8kg
13) Installation tube inside diameter: 60mm
14) Beam Angle: 170°× 60°
15) MOQ: 10pcs
16) Guarantee: 3 years
mono or polycrystalline silicon solar panel,stable performance.
life span can be used for >25 years.

based on
wind speed

2 working power mode
full power all night mode with different daily light on period 8~12 hours half power atfer midnight mode with different daily light on period 8~12 hours
8H 10H 12H 8H 10H 12H
when4.5~5.5m/s 150W 190W 220W 120W 150W 170W
when3~4.5m/s 220W 280W 340W 170W 210W 250W
Magnetic Suspension wind power Generator
Suitable for<150W LED light
600W Full Permanent Magnetic Suspension wind power Generator
Starting Wind speed(m/s) 1.5m
Cut-in wind speed ( m /s ) 2.5 m/s
Rated wind speed ( m /s) 11m/s
Survival wind speed ( m/s) 50m/s
controller Rated DC output 24v
over-speed protection Electromagnetic Torque control
Generator Brushless NdFeB Permanent Magnet Generator
Bearing Full Permanent Magnetic Suspension
Transmission Mode Direct Drive
Application Ratio(Cp) 0.42
Color White /silver/ Gray
Net weight 24KG
Gross weight 28KG
Rotor diameter 1800mm
Length of Blade 635 mm
Length of Body 1455mm
Blades Materia Reinforced Nylon

Exclusive maintenance-free,stable performance.
Lead crystal batteries, 4 years warranty,life span up to 7 years.
GEL lead acid battery, 3 years warranty,life span up to 5 years.

Daily light on 8~12 hours
Different capacity for back up rainy days optional 3~7 days
3days 4days 5days 6days 7days
8H 300AH 400AH 500AH 300AH 400AH
10H 400AH 500AH 300AH 400AH 500AH
12H 450AH 600AH 400AH 500AH 600AH


8H 250AH 300AH 400AH 500AH 600AH
10H 300AH 400AH 500AH 600AH 750AH
12H 360AH 500AH 600AH 750AH 450AH

600W wind turbine controller
Technical Parameters :
600W wind turbine controller
Technical Parameters :
Wind Turbine Input:: Three Phase AC, V ≤ 100V, P ≤600W
Photovoltaic Cell Input: DC 35.0Vpm,I≤15A
Controller Output Voltage: DC 28.0V
Wind turbine Over Input Voltage Protection Value: AC 80V +/-5V
Wind turbine Over Output Current Protection Value:DC25A +/-1A
Applicable Storage Battery:24V, 100~200Ah
Maximum Current Output for Load:1 <20A
Battery Protection Under-Voltage Trigger: DC 21.0±0.3V
Battery Protection Under-Voltage Recovery: DC 23.0±0.3V
Physical Dimension: L290mm x W150mm x H80mm
Operational Environment: Ambient Temperature -20 Deg.C ~ +50 Deg.CRH Humidity: 0 ~ 90%

SMART-CONTROLLER designed for use with FD1.8-0.6/11C
Magnetic-Levitation Wind Power Generator ONLY.
Technical Functions :
1. Power tracing model adapted for max. ultilization of Wind & Solar energy.
2. With multi-circuit intelligent feedback controls on I/O loading.
3. A Charger with electric current control regulator lengthening battery lifespan.
4. Available with Time Control or outdoor Light Sensors, Automatic On/Off Loading, automatic adjustable lighting hours and luminance.
5. Designed with solution on preventing reversed connection, over or under power charging, Input/Output voltage and current stabilizing control,Rotor over-speeding control.
6. With Operation Indicator Lights.


the poles were made for high-quality steel plate, with the appearanceof hot-dip galvanizing spray after treatment;

optional height thickness of pole top side diameter of pole bottum side diameter of pole arm length
5meters 3mm 60mm 135mm 1.2meter
6meters 3mm 60mm 135mm 1.2meter
7meters 3mm 65mm 150mm 1.2meter
8meters 3.5mm 70mm 160mm 1.2meter
9meters 3.5mm 75mm 175mm 1.5meter
10meters 3.5mm 80mm 180mm 1.5meter
11meters 4mm 80mm 190mm 1.5meter
12meters 4mm 80mm 200mm 1.5meter

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