Non-destructive testing is a means of testing the surface and internal quality of the parts being inspected without damaging the working condition of the workpiece or raw materials, Nondestructive Testing.

The relevant domestic ultrasonic testing standards are JB/T4730.3, GB/T11345-1989, CB/T3559-2011, etc., JB/T4730.3 is a relatively comprehensive standard, and the latter two standards are weld inspection standards. There are other inspection standards for steel plates, castings and forgings, and users can make corresponding inquiries as needed.
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Charpy impact test
It is a test for determining the resistance to chipping (toughness) of metal materials. A metal specimen having a certain shape and size is prepared to have a U-shaped notch or a V-shaped notch, and is placed in a simply supported beam state on a Charpy impact tester, and the pendulum lifted by the test machine is subjected to an impact to cause the sample along the edge. The notch is broken, and the absorption work of the sample is calculated by re-raising the height difference when the pendulum is broken, that is, Aku and Akv. Impact tests can be performed at different temperatures. The absorption value (joules) is large, indicating that the material has good toughness and is not sensitive to gaps in the structure or other stress concentrations. In recent years, materials for important structures have tended to use V-notch specimens that better reflect the notch effect for impact testing.
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Direct Reading Spectrometer
The English name is OES (Optical Emission Spectrometer), which is an atomic emission spectrometer. After the Second World War, due to the reconstruction of Europe, the market has a huge demand for steel testing, and also promoted the development of related testing instruments.

In the 1960s, the direct reading spectrometer began to develop rapidly with the development of computer technology. Due to the development of computer technology, the development of electronic...
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