Office Chair Total Solutions

Y&F Quality Control

Advanced Technology and Reliable Processes for High-Quality Production

Y&F Manufacturing Capacity

Efficient Manufacturing for Quality Products

Meeting Quality Standards

The products meet customer requirements and standards and steadily meet quality requirements (gaslift and castor with BIFMA standard, ISO9001 Quality system standard)

Advanced Production Technology

The advanced technology and equipment used in the production process, as well as the scientificity and reliability of the production process.

  • Injection molding technology: through the injection molding machine to thermoplastic plastic products fast molding, has the advantages of low cost, high speed and high production efficiency
  • Laser cutting technology: using the laser cutting machine to cut the plate quickly and accurately into parts, which has the advantages of high accuracy and high efficiency
  • Modern workshop equipment: improve production efficiency and product quality
  • Advanced material technology: the use of high strength materials, environmental protection materials, improve the stability, bearing capacity and environmental protection
Advanced Production Technology

Meet the needs of customers, in the specified time to complete the production of products shipped

Advanced Production Technology

Ensure the time, material and labor costs required for each product and improve production efficiency (Once Completed 3000pcs office chairs for customers in 15 days)

Research And Development Ability

Autonomous R&D, Continuous Upgrades

Patent Protection

Enterprises have a strong ability to protect the patents and trademarks in the field of intellectual property rights.

Quick Response

The speed and ability to develop new products, able to quickly respond to market demand and customer demand. (2 months to complete the modeling and production of new products)

Independent Research And Development

With the independent research and development capability, it is able to carry out the research and application of cutting-edge technologies.

Swan series

"Swan" office chair, inherits the concept of Nordic minimalist and elegant, in the simple western modern design into the Oriental elegant charm. The symmetrical lines with great tension create the back of the chair like a swan spreading its wings, and create a beautiful meaning of soaring for the users.

Dragonfly series

"Dragonfly" office chair has a light and fashionable design concept, simple and delicate design, coupled with a comfortable and breathable sofa back, creating a fresh and comfortable feeling, just like the spring of March. The unique bell tower, the delicate dragon tail, combined with smooth colored nets creates a light and poetic feel.

High Quality Assurance

Y&F Quality System Standards

With our standard quality system in place, we guarantee the high quality of our chairs.

The chair seat that fits the curve of the human body

The curved chair seat designed according to ergonomics can increase the contact area of the thigh bottom and the buttocks and the chair seat, thus dispersing and reducing the pressure of these parts.

Streamlined backrest protects the spine

To avoid the unnatural distortion of the lumbar spine when sitting down, which makes the intervertebral plate bear excessive pressure and affect the health of the body, the chair back must conform to the ergonomic lumbar cushion.

Rapid and convenient height adjustment device

the height of the seat surface must be adjusted very properly, using the air pressure height adjustment device, the user can adjust the seat height timely and easily with his height, working nature and environment and other factors.

Durability use and comfort

A good chair must be able to provide proper body support.

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